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Clear and Cleanse your chakra with this Intention  Kit.


Palo Santo - use this to cleanse your space before and after.

Red Calcite - Root Chakra, brings stability.

Citrine - Sacral Chakra, will active your creativity.

Tiger Eye - Solar Plexus, will active your confidence and personal power.

Green Adventurine - Heart Chakra, Self Love and Emotional Healing.

Blue Kyanite - Throat Chakra, speak your truth. 

Amethyst - Third Eye, removes all illusions.

Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra, connect to your divinity. 


HOW TO USE:  use the Palo Santo to clear your space, using the smoke to smudge the candles and stones. Place these stones around your candles, say a quick prayer to set your intention. Let the candle burn out, use the Palo Santo to smudge your space again. Keep your stones in a safe space.


Chakra Clearing Kit

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