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Spirit Channeling

Sat on the Rocks

Led by Gabriella

This unique class is perfect for those who are looking to connect with their inner selves, embrace their creative talents, and tap into the wisdom of the spirit world.

Spirit Channeling is an immersive and transformative journey that will take you on a deep dive into the mysteries of the universe. Through a series of guided meditations, creative exercises, and channeling sessions, you will learn how to channel the energy and wisdom of spirit guides, angels, and other divine beings to access your own intuitive gifts and creative potential.

Whether you're a seasoned spiritual practitioner or just beginning to explore the world of energy and consciousness, Spirit Channeling  is a class that will take you to new heights of self-discovery, growth, and creativity. With a supportive and empowering community of like-minded women, you will be guided on a journey of healing, transformation, and spiritual awakening that will leave you feeling inspired, energized, and deeply connected to the universe.


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I was immersed into a very spiritual branch of Christianity that would enable me to develop my abilities. Upon that foundation, I have been able to sharpen my intuition with different modalities and practices. I work with beings of higher consciousness such as star beings, deities, higher light beings, angels, and many more. The journey to my authentic self has forced me to do a lot of self discovery and development. I’ve had to be honest with myself and be brave enough to live out my truth. I want to help others heal and love, stepping into their purpose and unapologetically owning it with power and light.

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