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Private Sessions

Providing Everything You Need for your Mind Body and Soul

Book a Private Session With One of Our Mystics or Counselors


Select the service that speaks to your soul.

Our Mystics offer a wide range of modalities to choose from.

 Including Tarot,  Ifa Yoruba Readings, and mediumship.


Powerful energy healings like reiki and shamanic crystal therapy.


Allow us to guide you on a transformative journey towards clarity, healing, and inner peace.

The path to Spiritual Awakening starts here - which modality will you choose?

Tarot Card Deck

Unlock the secrets of the universe with our Spiritual Divinations. Gain the clarity and answers you seek. Experience the power of divination today.

Energy Healing

Experience deep release and energy clearing with our transformative healings.

Crystal Ball

Product Consultations

Unsure about which product to choose? Let our intuitive Mystics guide you to the perfect selection.

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